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I'm Abdoo Bachr I'm traveling and i share my travel experience with my blog visitors and And i aspire to travel all this great World.

Get the Inside Scoop on Bangkok Snake Farm

If you love snakes and their hypnotic appeal, you’ll enjoy visiting Bangkok Snake Farm. It’s Asia’s second-biggest snake farm and it’s populated with a dazzling array of cobras, anacondas, boa constrictors and other wild reptiles. Many of these snakes are dangerous. However, the habitats are well-guarded, so you’ll be able …

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Discover the Wonders of Bangkok Safari World

If you want to see an array of exciting animals, up close and personal, you’ll enjoy learning about Bangkok Safari World. Safari World is also known as the world of happiness and it’s definitely a haven for animal lovers, whether they live in Bangkok, Thailand or are visiting Bangkok from …

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Hammamet City(Tunisia) is the perfect place for skydiving

I have always wondered what it would feel like to go skydiving. The rush of free falling through the atmosphere, air rushing past your face, blinding your senses, except for your pounding heart. The thrill of this adventure had enthralled me for so long that, when the opportunity to finally …

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The beautiful places at Monastir(Tunisia)

I find Monastir to be an amazingly beautiful city. Perhaps my favorite thing is that it features numerous monuments of great esteem, situated along historical roads that are dotted with regional shops and houses. In fact, I find that there are a lot of things that could motivate someone to …

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Why you should visit EL Jem Amphitheatre

Ancient Rome is filled with glorious examples of ancient architecture and one of them is the El Jem Amphitheatre. This famous venue hosted a range of intense and violent battles. Gladiators faced off while attendees watched them fight…sometimes, to the death. However, this certainly isn’t the only amphitheater which was …

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