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Discover the Wonders of Bangkok Safari World

If you want to see an array of exciting animals, up close and personal, you’ll enjoy learning about Bangkok Safari World. Safari World is also known as the world of happiness and it’s definitely a haven for animal lovers, whether they live in Bangkok, Thailand or are visiting Bangkok from other parts of the world.

Safari World is a leisure park and an open zoo. When you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy the zoo’s fun wildlife drive, which will allow you to see realistic African settings which are populated with wild animals. The whole park features natural Safari-style charm and it’s a great place to visit alone or with friends and family.

There are Many Fun Things to Do

In addition to just strolling around and taking it all in, or taking the wildlife drive, you’ll also find that there are other great things to do in Bangkok. For example, there is a Seal show which is just so entertaining. You’ll also have the chance to get your picture taken with exotic birds or monkeys and tigers .

In fact, the whole zoo/park is one big

photo op. The animals and environments are really beautiful and the tamer animals and birds are a lot of fun to interact with. Your safety is this park’s key priority (along with taking good care of the animals and birds), so you’ll find that this park/zoo protects its guests from the wilder animals.

If you love attractions, you’ll find that this park really delivers. For example, you may watch an amusing Orangutan Boxing Show, enjoy a Jungle Cruise and check out a Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show. Also, you’ll be able to go on a Jungle Walk and take in a colorful and vibrant Bird Show. There’s just so much to see and do at this location and this is why we believe that Bangkok Safari World is one of the best places to spend time while in this part of Thailand.

This Zoo Gets Good Reviews

Most reviews for Bangkok Safari world are in the very good category. It’s a beloved zoo and open park and it’s very popular with kids, teens and adults alike. If you’re looking for a fun and educational place to take the family, you should definitely consider this amazing attraction. It’s beautiful, its spacious and it’s loaded with some truly fascinating animals.

If you want an awesome place to spend a few hours or a whole day, this is it. We love this park, as it brings to beauty of the African Savannah to life, right in the heart of Bangkok. Filled with charm and with gorgeous and healthy animals which are so diverting to watch and photograph, this park’s exquisite environments will make you feel like you’re in a whole new world.

This park is great because you have the freedom to walk around or to ride. We recommend doing both. It offers plenty of variety, it’s large without being overwhelming and it’s got reasonable rates, so it’s probably not out of anyone’s price range. With this in mind, why not plan a visit today?

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